On Being Solidly YOU, and More!

LPNever allow someone to entice you away from the core of who you are… Feel into your heart of hearts, and follow the rhythm to what is right for you. What is right for you, may not be right for someone else. Remember too, there are many layers to how and why a choice is made, and what that means to someone.

In the Spirit of Allowing another to be who they undeniably are… We offer flexibility in how we see ourselves too. In this flexible way of moving… guiding… dreaming… daring… living… breathing… exhaling… we find our way back to ourselves.

Even in allowing someone else to be who they are… go where they want… do what they need to do…

We discover a deeper space within ourselves, and a freer way of existing inside and outside…

Resist changing what you know to be “right” for you, just because someone else believes they know better. We come with our own compass, and our living… dancing… knowing Spirit within is our guide.

Be gently guided, and not mislead.


Melissa Rae

This drawing belongs to me, and is of an aspect of my Lloyd.

— • —

apple treeIn the distance, there is a sound… a voice… an echo. A calling you to listen. To not only listen, but to willingly… truly… and longingly answer. This is the bravest and most authentic response of your lifetime. To be real enough to share yourself with another person… and another… and another… Not in a physical way, but in a soulful way. A meeting of hearts that defies a logical mind. There is no way to anticipate… to know… to calculate how these meetings will happen, or where they will take you. In the arms of this moment, allow Spirit to cradle you. Lay down the burdens you carry upon trembling and tired shoulders. Abundantly be You. No holding back because you feel shame, fear, or doubt. No more, I say! Every time you hold back or hide a piece of yourself, you are less yourself. You offer pieces of a broken self image. No more! Be you. All of you. Soulfully you. Divinely you. With grace and love, listen and answer the call.

Spirit is on the line. One catch. It is a collect call. We must do our part too, on our end.

Melissa Rae

Photo is not mine. Please share if you know whom to credit.

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birdsongHave you ever watched your life settle so splendidly into a remarkable arrangement? Doors and windows opened into spaces you never realized existed in your reality. Possibilities abound over a horizon you believed was far more distantly placed on your timeline?

Now Behold! You are standing on the mountain top. In this moment, you are wondering how you managed to arrive here.

Most importantly, you know… Spirit arranged all of this. You did not consciously dictate details. You trusted Spirit to know exactly what to do. You realize how impractical your tedious micromanagement has been, and the time you have wasted with worry.

When we finally realize our attempts at tightly controlling our reality is not working for us… we breathe. With this breath, we release. With this release, we knowledge that what we think we know… is really… very little.

How humbling it is to consciously say, “Spirit is in control.”


Trust that Spirit knows far more than we can imagine.


Melissa Rae

Beautiful photograph, but I am unsure who to credit as the photographer. Please share if you are aware.

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On Holiness, Breathing, and Changing

faucetWe are holy, holy, holy. We are sacred beings, with Spirit within us … outside of us … guiding us …. on our sacred journeys of awakening … of learning … of growing …. of connecting …. of being …. Listen to your intuition, because this is Spirit whispering to you. Lean in. Listen carefully. More importantly, FEEL entirely.

Then let this insight go …. Do not allow Ego to trick you into thinking that you are in control of Spirit. Spirit flows through you, and is like the wind… fire….. oceans …. and dust …. When one lives in the desert, no matter how hard one tries, dust cannot be kept from inside the house. When one lives in the tropics, one cannot avoid sometimes being caught in the rain.

Life is messy. Sometimes it is a mud baked crackling coating our outsides. Sometimes it is a glorious spa body soak in salty hot springs. Life contains all manners of existing and connecting with others … with everything. This is part of our sacred contract of being a part of this physical world, in these spiritual bodies.

Let Spirit be your compass. Sing Ego a lullaby. Tuck Ego to bed, and bless your physical heart. Then pray with Spirit, guiding you ever so gently through the dreams of your soul. We co-exist. It is not a battle, but an allowing.

Melissa Rae

*Unsure of photographer’s name.

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Thank you so much! Xo

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breatheWhen everything falls exactly into place, as if by magic, this is undeniable evidence that we are on the right path. These moments occur more often as we release control of what we think we know and understand.

By clutching on too tightly to what we believe is ours, we obstruct Spirit from Her creative process of well … Creating. When we shed layers of self indulgence, doubt, fear, anger, anxiety, and frustration ….. When we dare to release our self conceived / conditioned ideas of being in control …. When we laugh freely and give as we receive ….. We make room for what seems like miracles to happen within our lives.

We cannot hold a lit matchstick out to the wind, and control how the wind impacts the fire.

BIG things happen when we hang loose, and smile with love and faith. Try it. You might be surprised of the outcome.

XO Melissa Rae

Melanie Weidner 2005 Artist

— • —


riseAs our vibration rises, our minds and hearts change. We feel the blessing of shedding people, experiences, thoughts, and feelings that no longer serve our highest good. Our shoulders feel lighter. Our minds feel less cluttered. We feel less tethered, and heart happier! Yippy.

Once this sweet way of feeling settles into our bones, we also realize we are blessed with the gift of expansion. Yes. Expanding our horizons… our possibilities… and our potential for manifesting / attracting higher frequency matches into our lives. WooHoo!

Breathe in and out. Out with the old. In with the new. Embrace a higher frequency, and watch your life change. It will seem as if by magic. Poof! Is that a fairy godmother over your shoulder? It will surely feel like it.

You are in the Transformation Zone! Embrace this new way of seeing, feeling, and being. Everything becomes possible.

xo Melissa Rae

Unsure who to credit for this amazing photograph. Please share if you know. Thank you!

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flowerhandSometimes our life must be rocked and quaked into rubble. The very foundation broken to dust. Only then can a fresh start be made …. It is by scrambling up our ideas of what we think we know and believe … That we can rearrange the pieces, and allow us to see things differently.

While this process can be frightening, especially in the midst of chaos, know that every start is a bit scary. Everyone experiences anxiety over change, be it for a perceived better or worse reality. Endings though creates new ground to be seeded for possibilities and opportunities.

We live in a divine process of expression. What we think up … dream up …. free up …. Creates the vision of where we end up. Even then, outcomes are just beginnings too. We are changeable, as much as we are energetic beings.

So root up what needs cleared from your fields. Seed and sow what you desire in your life. Nurture the growth of your foundation, from root to tip top. Do this in so much as you can, and allow Spirit to be Master Gardener.

<3 Melissa Rae

This beautiful artwork is not mine. Please share if you are aware of the artist. Thank you.


On Choosing Healing, Believing, and Blessings


EACH OF US HAS a reason to feel rejected or hurt. We have lived life, and with that comes an assortment of experiences. With this comes joy, pain … Perceived failures and triumphs. The wise person learns from their past, rather than reenacts it.

Yes, wounds require 1) knowing they exist 2) acknowledging our triggers and feelings surrounding them. This is how we begin to heal. There comes a time when it is for our highest good to forgive ourselves and others …. to finally step out of our wound and truly let it heal.

Fear so often traps us beneath the bandage we put on our sores. This is like putting a bandage over a splinter. The splinter is still there. Ouch! The bandage just hides it. Over time, we become the splinter, and all of the healing work in the world will not heal us until we choose to get out of our wound!

When we repeatedly pick a sore, it will not heal. It will fester, ooze, and hurt …. But it will not heal. Focusing our energy towards keeping our wounds, instead of healing them is a form of self sabotage. You deserve to live in the present! Claim the now, and heal the past. No longer be an obstacle to your healing!

Letting go of what was … that is the hardest part of healing a wound. So often we want to live inside it. Our perspective narrows. Clarity in thinking avoids us.

When we really look around, we find that we are choosing to live in infection and decay. This stench infested existence only attracts more suffering to us. There IS good news! We can consciously choose to move out of our wounds, and claim space in a life with healthy growing conditions.

Energy lands and builds where it is focused by our thoughts. What will you choose to focus your thoughts on today? Will you choose to live in your wounds, or will you choose to live in the now?

The choice belongs to you!

xoox Melissa Rae

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AURA: A Short Story
New from Foxy Lloyd!

Aura: A Short StorySometimes, being an empath is not as glamorous as it sounds…

Available exclusively for Amazon Kindle and all FREE Kindle phone and tablet apps, AURA is an emotional tale exploring different sides of being a Highly Sensitive Person—and potential things that can be done to help work WITH the ability. At only $0.99, how can you pass it up? Grab your copy here!

From Amazon.com review:
***** (5-Stars!) Excellent short story on what it is like to be an empath. The story is short but powerful. Just when you think you know how the story will end, there is an unexpected twist which hits the message home.
Lloyd is a fabulous writer. I highly recommend reading his books…he writes with heart. —CovenantoftheSoul

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doorBelieve that the wheel will turn in your favor, and your heart can be filled with joy! So often we push away what is possible, by thinking that it is not. One thought quickly builds into a wall between us and our dreams. 

Our hearts long for something, but our conditioned minds disagree. Conditioned by the people, places, and experiences we have been a part of in our world. A conditioning that happens at a very young age.

We learn to block windows by only focusing on doors. The windows though are just as much a pathway to attract what we desire to us. There is no such thing as hoping for too much. Joyful and jackpot experiences can happen to you too!

Build the life that you want through mindful thoughts, and opening yourself to possibilities. Do away with self sabotage, and become a master builder of your world.

 Melissa Rae

Artist unknown.  Please share if you know.

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Self work is hard work, but SO vital to our self awareness and growth.
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—Melissa Rae

Power-Ups, Intuitive Specials, and Book Sales!

WHEN WE CHOOSE TO live only by rules that cut away imagination, then our lives become slips of shadow. Opportunities are missed, because we see through a lens of “should” and “ought to” but from only one viewpoint. Windows remain unseen, because our focus is on doors.


Words like “impossible” overwhelm our emotional connection to what IS possible. We drift through life between white walls that fold over us, and gates that never open. Sometimes we glimpse a prize through this self made prison. This gives us hope and trust.

Soon we find that we can reach between the bars. If sunlight can come in, then we can surely stretch out. We shove our hands, and then our arms outside the self imposed belief of our limitations. Stretching our arms through illusion, we feel the tearing and stretching of our minds. A growing that is much like the way lifting weights tears down muscle to build strength.

With practice, we change conditioned labels we practiced as truth. With a return of possibility, comes a hope and faith that untwists our perceptions. Eventually we come to understand that there is are no limits of what is possible, but only our distortions of what we believe is true.

<3 Melissa Rae

Photo was not created by Fox and Owl. Please share if you are aware of the artist.

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This is the “Summer Pick-Me-Up” package for only $45!
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I have noticed many of us could use a little “pick-me-up,” and many are also working on “shadows, triggers, and healing wounds.”

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Self work is hard work, but SO vital to our self awareness and growth.
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Many blessings to you!
—Melissa Rae

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Announcing a special July 2014 SALE on Intuitive Drawings including FREE energy work!

This is the “Summer Pick-Me-Up” package for only $45!
Not shabby at all! 
 I’m delighted to offer it, too.



I have noticed many of us could use a little “pick-me-up,” and many are also working on “shadows, triggers, and healing wounds.”
This is a wonderful way to begin the process.

Self work is hard work, but SO vital to our self awareness and growth.
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Many blessings to you!
—Melissa Rae

Be YOU… and Let It Go

Melissa RaeWHO WE ARE IS far more beautiful than who we think we should be. We strive so hard to be someone we are complicatedly not. Yes, I meant to say complicated, because trying to be different than we are is complicated. Much like telling a lie, we cannot just tell one. Soon our minds are spinning with whether or not our bases are covered, and the last lie is co-existing with the new lie.

Let’s keep it divinely simple! No need to intricately weave words, lacing our minds with self contempt and doubt. If you want to paint with your hands, run a 10K, or dance in the rain …. Do that! Do it because your inner child longs to be free. The worst critique is you, so hang loose, and let go.

I am not talking about trying out a new archetype or even wearing a protective mask. No. I am talking about listening to the toxic babble of mainstream media and archaic beauty magazines. I am speaking of how a size 8 wear model is considered plus size. I am speaking of how age viewed in a mirror is decidedly unnatural~ and so must be reversed with harsh surgeries and chemicals.

This calling out to you is not divisive, it is collective. If you love make-up because it appeals to the artist in you …. then wear make-up. If you prefer to go bare, then wear whatever facial expression suites your mood. If you love floppy hats, and glittery scarves … Wear those too! Hair is optional too … Long, short, none at all …. Bring your brilliant lines and glorious curves. Bring all of you. Do not leave a bit of yourself behind!

Hello you! I am talking to the truest version of yourself. Yes. You! You are beautiful, real, raw, and true. A real person, and not a stop motion film, clay doll, or puppet with strings. I ache to hear your voice, and your song. Whoever and wherever you are ….. come out from hiding. The world wants to know you. I want to know you.

~ Melissa Rae

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7 / 7 / 7

The Healer: A NovelTHE HEALER: A NOVEL by Fox.and.Owl’s Lloyd Matthew Thompson received its 7th Amazon review on 7/7!

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snailtrailThe only way we can truly enjoy anything is to let it go. When we are attached to something, the attraction becomes like static cling. A co dependent or just dependent relationship is created, and this changes the nature of what first attracted us.

By letting go, we release fear of losing the person, experience, or item. When this fear is removed, enjoyment increases because of our change in focus. The relationship can evolve because we gave it freedom.

Attachment is not love, but a limitation on love. Real love is allowing an energy to exist as it is … Without attempting to change or influence it. Naturally we influence and are influenced by energies, But this is a natural occurrence. We are not focused on manipulating energies into what we think we would like for them to be. We accept them as they are … And see what happens when our energies connect.

A relationship is when two energies come together. This can be a connection with great grandma’s china plates. Maybe the relationship is between intimate partners. This can even be how we feel about a career or talent.

Freedom happens when we are brave enough to let go.

Let go. Live Free. Love More.

<3 Melissa Rae


Perceptions, Lightworkers, and Drawing Sales!

cutemousetoadOur perception of the world, is not entirely the world. No more than a single photograph of me is fully who I am. Memories mingle with time in a way that erases distinction in our minds. Like perfume that clings to fabric and air. It is difficult to wash away what our minds think that we remember.

Ah memories are tricky!

What is real? Is it the memory we somewhat faultily create, to give experience a placeholder on our expansive timeline? Could neighbor Charles who plays a ukelele in a congested club downtown be a better character witness? What if we ask Aunt Marge to testify? She is a respected church goer, that plays dominos with her “Red Hat Club” on Saturday nights.

Memories are also circumstantial.

What if I told you memories depend upon points of view? Everyone has a different vantage point, beause we each bring our baggage to the experience. Suitecases stacked in our mind’s compartments, and tagged with a reference date.

We collect memories like some coffee shops collect business cards. Strong memories are attached to strong emotions. Emotions are heavier than strong, black coffee on an empty stomach. So often we are live a malnourished life, and carry a load that corrupts our spines.

Clinging to bad memories is toxic to our physical, spiritual, mental, and energetic bodies. Holding onto energy that exhausts us, keeps new energy from coming to us. Unless we want to become the very crooked man, that walked a crooked mile, and lived in a crooked house …. It is very important to release what is too heavy for us to carry, and straighten up to a bright new Present day!

Does this mean that memories are unimportant?

Memories have created the Me standing before You. Because of this, they are important. Each memory provided me with a thousand possibilities, and from them I chose which way I wanted to grow.

Just as your memories have created You.

We choose where we want to go, and who we wish to be. Every thought is a choice. Every choice is a way of becoming.

Xo Melissa Rae

Unsure who to credit photography, but it is really a lovely illustration of this post. Please share if you are aware of who to credit. Thank you.

— • —

by Lloyd Matthew Thompson

Lightworker: A Call to AuthenticityLloyd’s—the Fox.and.Owl FOX—newest non-fiction book, Lightworker: A Call to Authenticity has enjoyed hovering around Amazon’s Top 100 Metaphysical Phenomena bestseller list for quite a long time! Reaching as far as #11 on the list, it is sitting at #50 today.

If you haven’t read this thought-provoking and growth-inspiring work yet, I highly recommend you do—And if you buy the paperback via Amazon.com (currently only $8.06), you get the Kindle eBook version as well, absolutely FREE!

From Lightworker: A Call to Authenticity:

Enlightenment is so often mistakenly expected to mean that there will be no troubles or hardships or heartaches. It is misunderstood that once you attain enlightenment, all things will fall into place almost magically, and nothing will ever be “bad” again.

But it is not the outside world that changes when you reach enlightenment—it is you that changes. Your perceptions shift, your world view changes, your ego stops driving the bus.

The things all around you stay the same. Your reaction to them is what “enlightens.”

Instead of reacting to fears, you peer through them, and seek the truth behind them. You look for the empowering factors, and disregard the weakening factors.

Fear snuffs out authenticity.

Authenticity is freedom from fear.

Lightworker: A Call to Authenticity
, available in paperback and all eBook formats! For links to your favorite format, please visit StarfieldPress.com/Healer

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animal3This specialized drawing is on sale for only $35 (reg. $55) the rest of June 2014, and is an intuitive report that reveals and illustrates the animal and messenger totems that are closest to you at this time.

As we go through different periods in our lives, some animal spirits step up and work strongly with us. These are totems. We all have multiple totems that work with us at different times.

Some animal spirits are less intense “messengers,” merely passing near in this present moment to give us that extra “oomph” or assistance needed for a temporary task at hand.

The animals that are revealed to me— and therefore drawn into the picture— are only those nearest for this exact moment in time. We all have many animals that come and go as needed, and the reading in no way indicates they are your only totems, much less your permanent ones.

Your drawing will be scanned and emailed to you with your report.

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Orders will be drawn in order of receipt, so act now!

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paintmeIt seems no matter how much we grow and evolve … No matter how much we stand in our own power …. No matter how comfortable we are with ourselves … The real challenge meets us when we spend a holiday or weekend among our first family, the one we are born into, and from there grew into young adults.

Our family is the container of our earliest experiences. The ones that imprint on our hearts and often become a voice in our minds. “Do this” .. “Don’t do that.” “You are amazing.” “You missed the mark.” We learned and honed skills within this physical experience. Many “firsts” happened during these pivotal ages and stages of our development.

As we grow up, we are assigned roles within families. Sometimes if a father is not present, a son will step up and fill in the space of “father” with younger siblings. Sometimes if mother is ill, the eldest daughter will take on household chores and nurturing of younger siblings. According to birth order (first, middle, third child ….. Oldest child of 9 ….. First born of fraternal twins) we develop certain ways of seeing the world. Whether we lived in wealth or poverty will determine how we view worth in a variety of ways. How we are educated, and opportunities available to us also will stream from the family pond.

Please share the artist if you are aware. Thank you. <3