Choose Your Choice

YOU ARE NOT born to save others from their wounds and shadows. Others cannot be saved. It is our responsibility to save ourselves.

The choices we make will lead us to results of those choices. It is then that we are accountable for them. We either own them, or blame someone else. Either way, we cannot be forced to heal our pain, any more than we can be made to experience joy. This is a choice.

When we choose suffering over healing, then we find ourselves in a spin cycle. The off button is there, and will bring us into a different view of the story. We must choose to press it. If we choose not to heal, the story will stay the same, but look different (different environment, different characters, different decorations).

People cannot be forced to remain part of the story either. They can change their reactions, and their lines in the story will change. This means anyone in the story that interacts with them will have different lines. However, that does not mean that their reality changes. Unless a conscious choice is made to change hearts and minds ~ Not just character lines ~ Then there will be no real change.

So often I hear people say that if they moved across the country, things would be different. No. We attract the same energies to us no matter where we go. The same kinds of people will attract to us. The same situations. We cannot run away from ourselves.

When we choose to really go deep into self, acknowledging both shadows and light, we heal a part of ourselves that needs attention and love. It takes the bravest parts of self to wander into the wilderness of self, and embrace (without condition) all of our parts. It is only then that we can heal. When we heal ourselves, then we change our lines in the story. Other people then have another opportunity to heal too.

Remember dear ones, Ram Dass said it well, “we are all walking each other home.” We have a responsibility towards each other, yes … But it is not to force others to change. It is to create change and healing outside of us … By healing and changing what is INside of us.

~ Fox and Owl 

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I AM WORKING on “intuitive drawings with reports” with such a joyful heart. “Thank You” to those that have ordered a drawing, to those that have reached out in emails/ messages, and to those that cheer me on! I appreciate each and every one of you so very much!

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mariaHere is another bright soul’s drawing. Notice how different the energy is within each illustration. Just beautiful. Enjoy!

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I LOVE STORIES about people that do incredible things for others. “No act of kindness is ever too small.” Some acts though, are more exceptional than we realize at the time, and maybe more memorable than we ever know. On facebook, Fox and Owl will post stories about these beautiful souls  (Central Standard Time Zone)  each week. Let’s share more good news!

Meet Nicholas Winton who saved the lives of many children from Nazi camps. He does not tell others about this, not even his wife. The names of the children are discovered a scrapbook from 1939 that listed the names of these children. Watch this video, and be refreshed. ♥
I invite you to read the full story and watch the very brief video at

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